A guide to success

In our publication How to Make Money Writing, we give tips on how to make money writing for medium.com.

If you understand and do what this article proposes, you will be successful as a writer for medium.com. Even if you don’t follow all the other tips.

If you follow all the other tips in our publication but ignore this one, you will not be successful as a writer for medium.com

Finally, if you understand this article and do what it proposes, and follow the other tips, you will speed up your path to being a successful writer.

What you need to understand

The natural trend…

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It was the worst thing I could have done. But I had a good surprise.

Photo by Will Porada on Unsplash

I decided to take the stupidest test I could have done on medium.com.

I stopped writing for two months to see what would happen: see what I learned.

TLDR: It was not a good thing, don’t do that.

The hypothesis

I wanted to prove that regardless of whether I write or not, the platform would be able to continue generating passive income.

This happens, but when you have few followers and are at the beginning, this income is very small. We will see later.

I lost the habit of writing

The test should only be a month. Then it took me another month to write an article again…

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